Briefing of the Sun Island
The Sun Island Scenic Spot is located on the North Bank of the Songhua River of Harbin. Covering an area of total 88 square kilometers, it is the only and rare International grassland scenic spot located in the center of the city. Having obtained successively a number of honorary titles such as National Scenic Spots, the First Batch of 5A Tourist Attractions in China, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, as well as National Demonstration Base of Cultural Industry, the Sun Island Scenic Spot is a famous tourist resort.
Sun Gate, Sun Rock
Sun Rock is a natural marvelous stone on the Sun Plaza with a weight of 150 tons of stone. Three dynamic Chinese characters of Sun Island written by the celebrity, Mr. Zhao Puchu, seems to be recounting numerous events of the past. Sun Gate, the landmark building of the scenic area, is also a logo of the tourist city Harbin. With an architectural design of Art Nouveau, it symbolizes the window of the sun and window of the world, where the tourists will step on a bright journey.
Flower Garden
Flower Garden is the largest flower base in the northeast region currently,the design of which draws on the experience of the Butchart Garden of Canada. Covering an area of 7.6 hectares, the garden embraces 250 thousand flowers.Flower Garden is the first scenic site achieving digitalized scene tourism on the Sun Island, which enables the visitors to enjoy  a 360-degree-appreciation of the flower garden. Each kind of flower has an instruction plate attached with a QR code, and the visitors can learn detailed information  of the flowers by scanning the QR code.
Sky View Waterside Pavilion
Using modern landscape gardening techniques, Sky View Waterside Pavilion is built by the river.The design of  absorbing water by grassland slope and the steps makes it more hydrophilic and ornamental.Once stepping up on the pavilion, one can enjoy the scenery of a cascade of emerald green extending to the sky, a pavilion pouring bright red color with no land but water under it.
Squirrel Island
 Covering an area of 2.4 hectares,the Squirrel Island consists of three small islands, on which there are more than 2,00 domesticated free-ranged Siberian gray squirrels.These naughty elves either shuttle or on the grassland, or jump in the trees,or snatch  melon seeds,pine nuts and walnuts on the tourists hands to eat. They bring endless joy to the visitors,and are deeply appreciated by the tourists. Thus,the squirrel also becomes the mascot of Sun Island because of its ingenuity, naughty and loveliness.
Deer Garden
There are dozens of free-ranged sika deer on the grass slope of the Deer Garden.These proud sika deers running freely, taking a leisurely walk or having a leisurely rest, have constituted a natural and fascinating picture with deers bleating on the grass slope and  drinking water in the streams.
Sun Mountain
The Sun Mountain is situated on the northern bank of the Sun Lake opposite to the Sky View Waterside Pavilion, on the top of which there is a hexagonal pavilion named Ziyan Pavilion.Standing on the peak of the mountain, you can avoid the sun under the large umbrella-like pavilion, feel winds from every directions by your ears and watch the Songhua River, running train and the vast wetlands in the far, which make you feel open-minded like staying close to the sea, become relaxed and happy like turning into a fairy.
Swan Lake
Most of the Swan Lake are wetlands and large tracts of reeds, where free-ranged black swans,white swans and other waterfowls like ducks are raised.The high and low , twisting and turning  trestle bridges in the Swan Lake make the visitors merge into the scenery of the lake with reeds, which embodies the harmony and unity of man and nature.
Sun Waterfall
There is a simulated cave in the sun waterfall behind the Sun Waterfall with a winding path leading to a secluded end and all in folds of light and shade, which presents a lovely scene by contrast with  the carved stone cliff , the rock, the stone bell and stalagmites. Being divided into several levels,sometimes the waterfall forms a few layers of rain curtain with raging torrent splashing, sometimes the cascade of water curtain is also real and illusory. The tourists in the cave can either overlook the view of the lake, or drink tea while listening to the rain, tasting the beautiful scenery in the stroll of the court.
(Sun Bath Platform)
Sun Bath Platform is a showcase of traditional Chinese folk culture consisting of high ladder, the Universe Square, the Sun Altar, high ladder,Universe Plaza,sun altar,wall reliefs, free captive animals freeing place, etc. The main bronze statue is a figure of Sun God, which means averting evil. There are 9 totem poles outside the altar with different images of the Sun birds. The whole platform was built by the river, where you can not only enjoy theme culture of the Sun, but also appreciate the scenery of the wildness.
Harbin -Niigata Friendship Park
Being built in memory of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of sister city relationship between Harbin China and Niigata Japan, Harbin -Niigata Friendship Park is a typical migratory style Japanese garden. With a museum as the main building, the park has spring water running across and pouring into the gourd-shape pond. There is a Sino-Japan Friendly Monument which symbolizes the friendship between the two countries. There is a wooden curved bridge, imitating the one in the White Mountain Park of Japan, showing the characteristics of Japanese garden, for example, the splendid flowers in Spring, the elegant scenery in Summer and the red Sun in Autumn.
 Snow Sculpture Art Park
Using snow like material, the works in Snow Sculpture Art Park with snow material reappear the artistic charm of the snow sculptures. Taking the imitation of the classic snow sculpture works the Shepherd Melody as the main scene and 6 groups of  snow sculpture imitations as the objective view , the park presents a world of snow art for the tourists.
BackKom Paradise
Built in the ecological woodland of the scenic spot, BackKom Paradise creates a beautiful  fairytale world of amusement under the green trees. Consisting of more than 20 tourism attractions such as hanging trolley, large pendulum, flying boat surf, BackKom Paradise is a theme amusement park with the functions of sightseeing, recreation, dining, tourism and shopping.
Memorial Park of Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army is
the largest anti-Japanese educational and commemorative base in the Northeast with the army soldier group carvings,lake and green grassland as its core area. The theme sculpture,troop camp and a huge boulder under the blue sky of constitute a historical picture of the army’s fighting and life .the United Army Tree, together with the rock wall with stone carvings, symbolizes that even though the heroes of the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army were dead, the fire of the revolution will continue from generation to generation with the new revolutionaries taking their positions, represents that the spirit of Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army will last forever.
Bronze Piano
The Bronze Piano is located in the Musical Folk Custom Garden,which is a little larger than real tripod piano in a proportion of 1.2: 1. With the material of strong corrosion resistant tin bronze, the piano is 3.5 meters long, 2.6 meters high and 2.4 meters wide,weighing up to 3 tons, which is the largest bronze piano sculpture in China at present.
The design of the Bronze Piano is ingenious. Painted into dark brown color, the warm tone and cold color of white snow in winter reflect mutually, and in summer the green tree also makes it elegant and harmonious. It reaches an artistic effect that the far sight is a piano and the near look is a sculpture.There are three apricots near the piano, which was planted by Xing Lai, Wang Liping and Zheng Xulan, the creators of the song On the Sun Island, implying eternal happiness.
Yu Qingcheng Sculpture Garden
Yu Qingcheng Sculpture Garden is the first one named after a person’s name.With a combination of the natural gardening technique of Chinese traditional garden and a sculpture with strong local flavor, the overall style of the garden is harmonious and natural. There are altogether nearly 20 sculptures of eight groups of  exquisite works in the garden.
A number of exaggerated,simple,innocent sculpture works full of the smell of soil bring the tourists a mind-shaking thought in addition to pleasure.
游客可乘坐湿地观光车游览外滩湿地,从喧嚣城市生活中回归自然,观赏丹顶鹤、蓑羽鹤、灰鹤、鸿雁等禽类在水中嬉戏,近距离体味湿地原始风光,感受 “城市绿肺”的魅力。
Bund Wetland Preserve
Bund Wetland Area is located in the northeast of Sun island Scenic Ara, which is a rare natural wetland landscape situated in the city center.With a broad expanse of water, beautiful island and wetland, wide and spectacular wildness, rich wetland vegetation and good ecological environment, the wetland scenic area is the largest in terms of area and the most spectacular one inside the city around the whole country. The resources of animals and plants in the protected area are very rich. There are more than 170 species of wild animals and more than 600 species of wild vegetation.
Tourists can take a sightseeing bus to visit the Bund Wetland Area, return to nature from the hustle and bustle of city life, watch such birds as the red crowned cranes, cranes, gray cranes and wild goose play in the water, feel the original wetland scenery and the charm of urban green lung with a closer look.
Tourist Center
The tourist center is a comprehensive tourist service place constructed according to the national 5A level scenic spot standard with the functions of ticketing, explanation, consultation, travel arrangement and tourist rest. There are Infirmary, small goods depository and toilet in the visitor center. At the same time, there are self-service beverage vending machines, touch screen querying machines and video equipment. The tourist center provides such services as free charging for mobile phones and cameras, free drinking water, free rental wheelchair and baby carriage for visitors. Visitors can check the tour guide map, travel route map, publicity materials, etc. There are souvenir display and sale, post postcard, postal delivery, commemorative posting service, etc. which can meet a variety of tourist needs.
Russian Art Exhibition Hall
Russian art exhibition hall is the only civilian run and public subsidized gallery which has won National Literary and Cultural Awards. There are more than 4000 collections. The exhibits are divided into seven categories according to age and material, which is an excellent fossil to understand Russian customs, history, culture and art. Among them, the oil paintings amount to 200 masterpieces of Contemporary Russian International Masters, such as Igor Oblosov, J. al Jah, Lo Mashich, Ji Homi Love, etc.
Yu Zhixue Art Gallery
Yu Zhixue Art Gallery is the first personal art gallery established in 2003 in Harbin with a floor area of 3900 sq.m.There are four showrooms mainly displaying the works of Yu Zhixue and the members of his school of painting. Classic works include Dream Start Here, Scenery Beyond the Great Wall and so on.
Northern Folk Art Exhibition Hall
With a building area of 1800 square meters,  possessing more than a thousand pieces of exhibits, Northern Folk Art Exhibition Hall is divided into 4 showrooms such as Northern Folk Art Master Pieces Hall, Shaman Culture Hall , Wood Carving Hall and Yu Qingcheng Clay Sculpture Art Hall. In the exhibition hall, the numerous pieces of works are telling you one old story after another.  Classic works includes the birchbark picture Siberian tiger and Yu Qingcheng’s Clay Sculpture Brave the Journey to Northeast.
(冰雪艺术馆)冰雪艺术馆占地5000平方米,内有冰雪景100余件 。馆内冰雪景观是以松花江天然冰和人工雪为材料,经过艺术家独具匠心的雕琢,制造成玲珑剔透、形态万千的冰雪艺术精品。冰雪艺术馆弥补了哈尔滨三季看不到冰雪的遗憾,也是北国一大艺术奇观。
Ice and Snow Art Gallery
Covering an area of 5000 square meters, the Ice and Snow Art Gallery consists of more than 100 pieces of ice and snow scenes.These ice and snow landscape are exquisitely carved and colorful ice and snow art master pieces made of Songhua River natural ice and artificial snow as material and created with the artist's ingenious and distinctive craftsmanship. make up the regret that No ice and snow can be seen in three seasons. It is also a great artistic spectacle in North China.
Historic Conservation Area
Culture is the soul of the city. Cultural landscapes and cultural heritage exhibition halls are the important carrier of urban culture.Based on its unique resources, aimed at the goal of constructing excellent cultural industry scenic spots, stimulating economic benefits of scenic spots, and promoting the development of urban culture,the Sun Island Scenic Spot actively promotes the construction of cultural exhibition hall,  organizes cultural activities, flourishes cultural tourism, which effectively raised its visibility and reputation.
Festival Activities
The Sun Island Scenic Spot has presented a number of wonderful activities to tourists from all over the world and to the citizens of Harbin for many years, and created an unique brand effect, which further enriched the cultural connotations of scenic spots and enhanced the interaction of tourists.
The Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo.,
Held from December to March the following year, The Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo.is the birthplace and the faucet of the National Snow Sculpture.It's an important part of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.Around meeting the six major needs of food, hospitality, travel, visit ,  shopping and entertaining, the Expo highlights international, cultural, technological and participatory characteristics. Such cultural activities as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Spring Dragon Festival on Sun Island, and a number of snow sculpture competitions are held in the Expo. It not only makes an organic combination of ice and snow and culture, creates a special feast of ice and snow, but also shows the cultural details and city charm of Harbin, a renowned city of ice and snow. Among these festivals,Spring Dragon Festival on Sun Island digs deep into folk culture, creates a series of activities such as children's writing ceremony,  thousands of people’s praying for fortune, shaving ceremony on February 2 of lunar calendar and blossoming of gold bean, which are deeply loved by the citizens and tourists.
Sun Island Music Festival
As an important part of "charming summer in Harbin" tourism culture and fashion activities as well as the Songhua River Wetland Festival in Harbin China, the Sun Island Music Festival consists of the Excellent Chinese Campus Song Contest, Chinese and Russian College Students' Music Culture Exchange Summer Camp, Summer Arts Practice Activities of College Students in Heilongjiang Province, which create a music platform for national music lovers.
The Sun Island Flower Festival
Consisting of such activities of the Mobile Phone Playing Festival, Riding Boat to Enjoy Flowers and Touring Amusement Park. The Sun Island Flower Festival presents for the tourists a fragrant and graceful feast with bees and butterflies flying and dancing .
Sun Island Kite Festival
The Sun Island Kite Festival is held on May 1st every year.  Experts from Harbin Kite Association are invited to fly kites. Besides, there are such activities as the Parent-child DIY Kite Match, Citizen Kite Race, which attract a large number of people to come to participate.
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